We build for collaborations

The collaboration upon users' credit

Paid Q&A

Crypto currencies are paid for questions/topics, best answers got them.


Task fund is secured and all processes are guaranteed by smart contracts or substrate pallets.

Short-term Employment

Mitigate trust & payment worries by code and on-chain credit.

Customized Collaboration

Compose the extracted atomic collaboration elements to serve your businesses.

Credit generation on blockchain

Collaboration behaviors stored on-chain and credit built by the objective and subjective elements.

Task Releasing

Funder issues a request, hunters apply for it.

Data Checking

Funder check candidates' profile, historic collaborations and credits to pick the best one.

Task Compeletion

Be assigned, hunters should deliver it on time and maybe report it in a timely manner.

Credit and Incentive

Credits built by the subjective comments and objective behaviors, incetivized with OpenSquare tokens.

A trusted collaboration network
Our vision is to build a decentralized, trusted collaboration network. Collaboration data will be stored on blockchain, and personal credit will be built on it. This will empower the credible profiles and reduce the cost for collaborations.
Trading code, design and ideas
Collaboration is another way of trading, instead of tokens, but work.
Blockchain will make the work trading more transparent and payment secure. Objective collaboration rules can be enacted on-chain. Collaborators subjective remarks will be recorded on-chain. Either the objective behaviors or the subjective remarks will make the credit building possible.
Collaboration network
OpenSquare builds infrastructure and provides services to collaborators.
Collaborators include projects, enterprises, developers, designers, etc.
Collaborators’ profile will be stored in IPFS and recorded on-chain.
History on-chain collaborations will verify their profile items.

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